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Independent Meeting Expert


CraneLogic is actively looking for experienced, self-motivated, reputable individuals to build a small, collaborative environment.  The few who meet their peers' standards will become part of a new story within the Hospitality Industry.  CraneLogic wants to provide a different approach to the industry in today's world of division and uncertainty.  A model that lets you take home more of what you have earned.  A model providing a place where we can collaborate on the issues and trends in the industry and determine effective solutions to move forward.  A model that will allow you to focus on your clients and maximize your strengths.  A model at the end of the day, you will be proud to hold the same business card as your colleagues.


CraneLogic, will offer Independent Meeting Experts (IME) the opportunity to remove all limitations on success.  Inquire to find the benefits of becoming a CraneLogic IME.   Together we will truly own our futures.

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